PT. SARANA ABADI RAYA is an Indonesian private company that established in February 1987. The company is primarily enganged in engineering, procurement, fabrication, erection, and commissioning activities in industrial process plant. We focus our activities in the field of:

Shop Fabrication equipment, which has capability to fabricate a mix of product ranging from Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Towers, Stripes, Columns, Generators, Plate Work, and Conveyor until Steel Structure. Plant Construction, which has capacity to procure, fabricate, contract and commissioning of the mechanical equipment erection work for industrial process plants.

PT. SARANA ABADI RAYA the third generation of CV. GUMAY RAYA, was established in February 1982, Focuses to engineering, technical of contraction work in Indonesia. And because our company is growing up, we have joined with Group Fems International. And we change our company Fems Indo Indah in July 30 th 1992. The synergy effect intention is to assist industrial process plant development throughout Indonesia.

And because of global monetary the work in industrial process has become, but we are still true and developed and are come a general contractor in all part. And we are not joining with Fems Indo Indah, and have made a company by name PT. SARANA ABADI RAYA.

PT. SARANA ABADI RAYA activities as all general contractor and supplier cover the engineering of development, fabrication and installation – one won’t need actually the guru paper if persuasive of construction related product such as power plant, oil and gas refinery and plant, pulp and paper plant, petrochemical plant, fertilizer plant, textile plant, water treatment.

As an EDP company, we can do the design and engineering, materials procurement, fabrication work, erection, commissioning work and material handling facilities.

Our workshop facilities and staff are familiar and fully conform to various international standards which include :

-Standard Industry Indonesia (SDI)
-Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS)
-American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME)
-American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM)
-Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association (TEMA)
-American Petroleum Institute (API)
-American National Standard (ANSI)
-Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA)
-American Welding Society (AWS)

We also have enough experience and human resource to deal with power plant job such as erection, turbine installation (Water,gas and steam). The experience also covers switch gear and electrical work, painting, hot & cold insulation, sand blasting, mechanical erection, civil works, process engineering, mechanical design, & engineering, civil & structure engineering, electrical system, refractory, piping, tank, vessel, fabrication, steel or concrete bridge, ducting, conveyor, cut & fill, soil penetration, clean seat, drain & concrete road, hot mix,etc.

We believe that our brief company profile will give you better understanding of our company capability and we do hope that you could consider us as one of your trustworthy partner.